Can WhatsApp Challenge Skype With Its New Features?


Throughout the previous few many years, whats app has surfaced because the frontrunner in a bunch of messaging programs that have been bent on dethroning Skype. Following their acquisition by face book, they’ve launched a ton of attributes in an attempt to develop into a more complete mobile messaging option. When some people may assert that the hottest updates have been features that are found in competitions for some time now, WhatsApp consumers (now numbering in the countless millions) have regularly welcomed them with open arms.

The whats app iOS app has lately established new features such as the means to archive files, add captions to connected graphics and several new backgrounds for the app too. Even though the majority of the features have long been available on the mobile device, a number are exclusive to i-OS such as for example the ability to split the slow motion videos which can be designed utilizing the i-phone 5S. Users may even trim down the video to some manageable length from inside the program how to hack whatsapp.

One feature that’s generated any criticism is that the addition of read receipts for all messages. So far, users have only been in a position to share with whether a message has been brought to the receiver’s device with a dual tick markers in gray. Now gloomy tick marks will appear to imply that the communication has been read. While some consumers protested concerning the intrusion of privacy, others welcomed it as most other programs provide this attribute also.

Regardless of these updates, whats app still includes quite a ways to go to catch up with Skype in just two key areas: voice/video contacting along with also a desktop app. For millions of non-tech informed users, Skype would be your”go to” application should they wish to talk to the others on the Internet. Although WhatsApp experienced announced that it would launch VoIP calling, so it’s never happened as competitors such as Google and Apple have integrated it in their respective platforms.

The other reason for its popularity of Skype would be the access to the app for most possible platforms including PC. Up to now, whats app has stubbornly remained confined for the

world which is fast learning to be a handicap, and though it had been partly the reason why behind the app’s meteoric rise into popularity. For those consumers whose job requires one to pay most of your day before these personal computers, a desktop program is required. If these two weaknesses are rectified, whats app might truly have a chance replacing Skype.

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