Product Photography Lighting: Why Does Lighting Matter?


The light you choose says a great deal about your photo’s quality. Here’s why product photography lighting matters and why you need to really be paying attention to it.
Most retailers understand graphics that are too dark will hurt their earnings, but images which are too bright aren’t doing you any favors either.

There are numerous elements which go into creating effective images for the online store including product photography lighting, backgrounds, and image alignment. Read on to learn how to set up a DIY studio and shoot beautiful product photos which may aid in improving your earnings.

Do not worry if you’ve got a budget. Once you ecommerce product photography understand a few light techniques, you’ll find a way to take professional-looking photographs at home.

Choose Whether You’re Use Artificial or Natural Light
As a rule of thumb, use artificial light for services and products that are supposed to be used out doors or if you are shooting the product on an individual since people look better in sun light. It’s ideal to use 1 form of light for many of your product photography to retain consistency across your website.

The good thing about natural light is that you get yourself a milder light in comparison with artificial light that may cast a glow that is harsh. Artificial lights, however, are great for revealing the physical facts of a product.

Use a Fill Lighting or Bounce Card to Eliminate Shadows
All these are methods to get rid of the shadows in your photos and you will be astounded with your own simplicity.

1 option is to make use of a fill light. This is where you set a second light opposite most of your light source. Put your product involving the two lights and you will see that the second light removes the shadows that the item was once casting.

Your other option is to use a card. This is actually a card which reflects the light to be able to reduce harsh shadows. If you should be shooting on a DSLR with an external flash, then you can get a flash diffuser that’s a system that’s set in front of the flash and also sends the unpleasant lighting upward.

Our favorite solution, nevertheless, is always to use a DIY rebound card using a smartphone. All you want to do this really is really a white card and something to put on the card in place. Position the bounce card across in the principal lighting and voila, you are going to eliminate harsh shadows cast by the principal light.

Work with a Sweep to Get a Perfect Wallpaper
This will depend on the product you’re shooting, however a sweep is a simple and effective means to generate a background that doesn’t distract from the product. The explanation you can’t only shoot your goods against a white wall would be two fold. There will be a flat point at which the top matches the wall and there may be marks on the walls that have found from the image.

All you need to develop a sweep would be a lengthy, white part of cardboard. Think of the posterboard that you useful for projects in elementary school. The point is that you can set the poster plank against the wall at an curved”L” shape in order that it really is both below and behind the item.

You’ll be astounded at the big difference it creates versus only with a white wall. On camera, not just is that the sweep imperceptible but your lightning collection up may also help bring the details out in the item.

If you are trying to find a more energetic background, note that this system works nicely together with different colors of paper and maybe patterns like wrap paper.

Get Creative!
Once you’ve created your DIY product photography lighting studio, then the only real limit is your imagination. Bear in mind, the trick to photography is experimenting and imagination. The next step would be learning how to utilize a post-processing tool like Photoshop or Lightroom.

Obviously, not every one would like to spend enough time setting up an at-home studio. If that’s you, then call us about our professional photography providers.

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