Can We Develop an Augmented Reality Gambling Hat System That Works?


Recently, I was talking with a professional poker player, and he confessed he’d won large, missing large, and finally came up with a pretty decent, self-made system for playing cards. Anyhow, we got to talking all this, and then he told me he’d copyrighted his methods to an eBook, and began to clarify the essence of how it functioned, which I found intriguing.

He said, or rather I thought I heard him state he had a fresh”gaming system hat functions,” but what he actually said was that he had a new innovative gambling system”which” works ทางเข้า SBOBET. But it reminded me of a previous intellectual scientific conversation I had had months the preceding about augmented reality glasses that the military uses and today several police departments have them to get their police officers, perhaps, you had seen the new Google Augmented Reality Glasses.

Anyhow, I asked Alan Samonte, the eBook writer of”The Samonte System: Finally, a gaming system that works,” what sort of gambling system”hat” he’d, I asked him whether it was a full on Google design augmented reality system along with all the batteries and computer system in the hat, with a micro video camera system in the frames of glasses, then provides you the information, and best way to perform each hand, based on Monte Carlo mathematical formulas? What other mathematics formulas are you using?

Well, after which I was just having fun with him, because I misinterpreted or misheard what he had said, but in any event, it did put my mind into gear to think off-topic, of a new program for the latest invention for augmented glasses. Just consider if the kids in the Film”21″ needed a system like that when they went gambling in vegas? By the way, I did meet the writer of that screenplay, nice guy, and yes, a great movie.

Who would win? Could somebody like Alan Samonte together with his newly devised system conquer an AI augmented reality machine? Who knows, I want to observe that match really, it would be interesting to see – Man VS Man with Machine!

Interestingly enough, I am a math guy so that you know, what can I say? But, I am also a seasoned entrepreneur enjoying balls to the wall, no fear approaches, and love to blitz the contest Colonel Boyd apostle style. Meanwhile, I understand the world also, and I do a little technical trading at the mark, and also read the information and feel the heartbeat of the Marshall McLuhan media mirror of society.

It appears to me that both theories are workable, as well as in things like stock trading which in many respects is gambling, I never discount converging tendencies or black swan events, therefore, in a way, I understand both sides of each one of those styles of play, but do not restrict my thoughts to what functions or ever stop asking”why?” Nevertheless, I wonder could a celebrity poker player such as Alan Samonte using his in-house system beat the Terminator in Vegas? “I will be back!” Please think about all this and believe on it.

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